On this status page you find in realtime all information regarding possible irregularities concerning our VAT application and the status of our VIES data sources in the EU member states. Our systems are constantly monitored and immediate action is taken in the event of internal problems.

EU member states

Vatcheck always verifies all VAT numbers in realtime by the official sources of the VIES system. It often happens that countries are temporarily offline which makes it impossible to verify the VAT number of the concerned country at that time. This is not due to our systems, the reason is often the IT infrastructure of the local tax authority in that country. We therefore ask you to be patient in such a case and to try again later. Below the status of the 28 EU member states.

Recent incidents

Our objective is to offer you the best possible user experience, despite our efforts it often goes wrong in the systems of the local authorities, which does not allow us at that time to validate VAT numbers of the concerned country. Hereafter you find the incidents that occurred in that last 10 minutes.