Cookie policy

On this website we use cookies. A cookie is a simple file that a website saves via the browser on your hard disk. A cookie contains information. Through a cookie for instance we remember your track on our website and a few preferences so that you don’t need to set them again at your next visit.

By using our website you accept the use of cookies. Please read our privacy policy to take note of the privacy rules that are applicable on the website.

Functional cookies

By using functional cookies we make sure that you don’t need to repeat certain actions. We recognize the preferences that you have inserted during a previous visit to our website. That way you save time and it makes the website more fun to use. Permanent cookies can be deleted via the settings of your browser.

Session cookies

We use session cookies during your visit and they are automatically removed as soon as you close the browser. We remember which parts you have consulted during your visit and align our services thereon. These cookies also ensure that you don’t need to log in for each page.

Google Analytics cookies

Via our website cookies are installed by Google, as part of the ‘Analytics service’. We use this services to record the visitors’ behavior and to receive reports on how our visitors use our website. Based on that we can then improve our website. So it is not about remembering personal data, but recording your actions on the website.

Social media cookies

On our website you find buttons to promote our messages or web pages on social media. Think of ‘like’ via Facebook or sending a ‘tweet’ via Twitter. These buttons work through pieces of code that originate from the social media platforms themselves. Cookies are installed via this code. We have no influence thereon. The social media platforms indicate in their privacy statement what they do with your data via the cookies.

Tracking cookies

We request a tracking cookie as soon as you visit a website from our network. This way we can find out that you have visited the other concerned website(s) from our network then ours. The profile that is created that way is not linked to your name, address, email address and so forth, but only serves to align advertisements with your profile, to make sure that they are as relevant as possible for you.

Third-party cookies

A third-party cookie can be installed by another domain name than the one of the website that is visited by the user. When a user visits a website and a third party installs a cookie via that website, than it is a third-party cookie (e.g. cookies installed by Google, Twitter and Facebook). The way the internet and websites or applications work may prevent us from having an insight in the cookies that are installed by third parties via our online services. This is for instance the case if our web pages contain embedded elements: these are texts, documents, photos or videos that are stored at a different party, but that are shown on, in or via our online services.

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